Found a lost iPhone by the side of the road...

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    I was hiking to a nice photo spot yesterday when I found a lost iPhone on the side of the road. Who knows how long its been there as it was completely drained and dead. I took it home and plugged it in to charge to see what's up and here are my observations:

    • It's iOS7 or newer, so it should have activation lock/lost mode
    • No lost mode was activated, however it is PIN locked
    • Tried a few obvious PIN combos (1234, 0000, 9999, etc) and no go
    • PIN lock prevents Siri from working nor camera from working so I can't take selfies and go viral like this guy did
    • It's a Verizon phone and it connects to the network still.
    So next thing I did was pop the SIM out and stick it into my Verizon phone and call to find out what the # is. Got the # and then texted the individual from my own # letting them know I have my phone.

    Question is--how does that even work? Does Verizon allow two SIMs/devices to connect to their network from the same #? I vaguely remember when I got my iPhone 6 upgrade at work that the 5 would still connect. I popped the SIM out though afterward and never thought much of it and returned the 5 to corporate IT. I powered the phone off because I don't know if the text reaches both devices or only comes to one. I want to make sure he sees the text I sent him.

    It's been about 16 hours and no response via text yet. I also traced the # to a Hangouts account so I sent a message via Hangouts. This morning I powered the phone on just to check if lost mode had been activated, but no. Nothing.

    If I hand the phone to Verizon, would they return it to this person or mail it to him if he's across the country?
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    Oct 17, 2011
    If you hand the phone to Verizon or Apple they probably have a better shot at returning it.
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