Found my old HTC TyTN last week, iPhone has really upped my expectations

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by steviem, Jun 28, 2009.

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    I found my old HTC TyTN last week, and decided that I'd try putting Windows Mobile 6.5 on there and try using it for a week to see how it goes and the following really showed up for me:

    -WM6.5 does actually look quite nice, but the transitions and scrolling are too slow.
    -3G speeds are good, but the standard browser is still not very good with coping with full web sites, seems to be the best site to go on, which is a shame.
    -The hardware keyboard is good, but being used to using hardly any pressure when typing on the iPhone made me slower on the HTC.
    -ActiveSync wouldn't let me use my home Exchange server because I have a self signed certificate. On the iPhone, I can just accept it and it's happy.
    -A2DP is built in on the TyTN, this was enough for me to want to use it for a few days, as I don't need a dongle for it, but still, it drains the battery more than it does on the iPhone.
    -Call quality on the HTC is so much better than on the iPhone 2G (but that could be down the the gunk in the microphone holes that I just cleaned out.

    All in All, I can kind of see why I had the TyTN back then, and remember tethering my iPod Touch to it when I wanted to browse the internet because it does have an awful browser. But however much apple annoys me (like no A2DP for iPhone 2G) I don't think I can go away from iPhoneOS.
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    That's what I find about Apple. The lack of some features are usually forgiveable because it's so damn nice to live with on a daily basis.

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