FOUND! Refurb iPhone from AT&T Stolen En Route

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by gkarris, Mar 21, 2008.

  1. gkarris macrumors 604


    Dec 31, 2004
    "No escape from Reality..."
    Well, was supposed to receive it today.

    DHL says it was left at the front door... :eek:

    It only says AT&T on it and it's about the right size.... :cool:

    It's gone... no one knows where it went, the neighbors, nobody.

    I called AT&T to see what they can do.

    They said they won't help me until I activate the phone.... they need my mobile number. :eek:

    Wait, I don't have the phone to activate. You don't activate the iPhone until it's in your possesion - no mobile number (I told her these things). I do have the order number handy.

    She said very apologetically that I have to activate the phone first, or she cannot look up the record. I said okay.

    I then called the credit card company, they took the charges off my card. The lady at the credit card asked what it was, I said an iPhone ordered online from AT&T. She said, "Oh..." (like this is happening A LOT).

    At least this was going to be a backup phone, and it looks like I will always be a HAPPY T-MOBILE CUSTOMER... :)

    (eagerly awaits the US T-Mobile iPhone in a few years - no AT&T for me)

    EDIT: FOUND! (see post below)
  2. WildCowboy Administrator/Editor


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    Jan 20, 2005
    Hmm...since they seem to be out of the refurb phones, it would be nice if you could find some way to get AT&T (or more likely DHL) to bump you up to a new one so that you can actually receive your order.

    Of course, that's going to require an investigation by DHL.
  3. gkarris thread starter macrumors 604


    Dec 31, 2004
    "No escape from Reality..."

    AT&T Customer Service said that AT&T WILL NOT DO ANYTHING until there is a mobile number.

    I just called the credit card company to dispute - good rid-dins. I would rather only deal with Apple at this point...
  4. iTeen macrumors 65816


    Aug 13, 2007
    jeeze!!!! i am very sorry to hear that!

    i thought DHL was supposed to have sig confirmation?

    anyway i hope you get it straitened out soon.
  5. pcorajr macrumors 6502

    Jun 6, 2007
    Sorry to hear this happened to you. I know what it feels like to try and get help from companies after something like this happens.

    I had my Computer bag stolen from my car 2 days ago. Thankfully i had left my laptop at work that day. They took a GPS and PSP that where inside my bag along with my Passport. After contacting both car insurance and Home owners they gladly informed me that there was a 500 Dollar deductible and that next year my insurance would go up.

    So i have to stomach the loss and re buy the stuff.
  6. aethelbert macrumors 601

    Jun 1, 2007
    Chicago, IL, USA
    Wow, that's terrible. For some reason, DHL (and all of the major courriers) tends to leave stuff without signatures. I've never had problems like this with their services abroad, though.

    Also be sure to contact the Department of State (if in the US, or the similar agency if in another country) to report the stolen passport.
  7. hotsauce3868 macrumors member

    Oct 28, 2007
    It is such a shame someone would commit an atrocity of this nature.
  8. SFStateStudent macrumors 604


    Aug 28, 2007
    San Francisco California, USA
    Press the issue with DHL...

    go to the and you should be able to contact DHL regarding lost shipment and then file a claim:

    "If a shipment is believed to be lost, the first step is to contact DHL customer service at 1-800-CALL-DHL (1-800-225-5345) to initiate a trace, as a trace must be completed prior to filing a loss claim. In the event the shipment is not located, a claim may then be filed by filling out a claim form and returning both it and the requested supporting documentation to DHL."

    They should be held responsible for the lost iPhone. :cool:
  9. seattle macrumors 6502

    May 15, 2007
    Sorry to hear about your phone being stolen. I am glad I will be home all day Monday so I will be home when they deliver my iPhone.
  10. hegor macrumors member

    Dec 6, 2006
    Call the credit card company that you used to purchase the device. Refute the charge. Another option if DHL doesn't come produce results.

    Duh, you did. Probably the easiest way to deal with it. Its up to AT&T to prove you have it in order for them to keep the transaction.
  11. Michael CM1 macrumors 603

    Feb 4, 2008
    Some thief steals your iPhone and you blame AT&T? Dude. There's somewhere to go on the DHL Web site where you can require a signature. I'm not exactly sure what you expected AT&T to do. They aren't charging you for service or anything.
  12. chrisparr macrumors regular

    Mar 10, 2008
    This is the carriers fault.

    However beware! THey may claim that it was in fact delivered, so here's what you do:

    1) Raise the claim with DHL
    2) If they dispute your claim, state that you have important information and you will send it on.
    3) Don't do anything, but contact them asking about progress.
    4) They will say they are waiting for your additonal information.
    5) You say you left it outside their office.
    6) Listen to them protest or call you stupid (or something similar).
    7) Say if that is the case then 'Touche' and demand they settle the claim within the week, or you will sue, citing their own expectations about how things should be delivered.

    I love messing with companies like this :)

  13. ikare macrumors member

    Jan 21, 2008
    Canton, Mi.
    That is very odd, when DHL delivered a phone I ordered, it required a signature....
  14. TheMadBrewer macrumors regular


    Feb 11, 2008
    Marina del Rey, CA
    Mine arrived yesterday via DHL -- I was home and they didn't even bother to ring, just left it by the door.

    I have a signature confirmation waiver on file with FedEx -- but they leave stuff on my patio, requiring any thief to climb over a wall. Don't get that much stuff DHL so I have nothing on file with them.
  15. gkarris thread starter macrumors 604


    Dec 31, 2004
    "No escape from Reality..."
    FOUND! :D

    One of the neighbors found between their doors while shoveling their back door. :confused:

    I'm in a townhome complex, and instead of leaving it at my back door, they jest left it at the first door of the building complex they saw. It equates to being 4 doors down at a different address... :confused:

    At least the neighbor was honest and she put it at my back door.

    Well, all is now well. Sorry for the crisis...

    But it does worry me how AT&T treats its wireless customers, they should have been able to pull up my order.

    I have some friends that were going to switch to AT&T so they can get an iPhone, I will be warning them though...
  16. saving107 macrumors 603


    Oct 14, 2007
    San Jose, Ca
    I've been with AT&T for 8 years now (well, AT&T then Cingular then back to AT&T) and I've never had any problems with them either by phone or at my local AT&T shop, I always get great customer service. Before I got my iPhone I used to upgrade phones 2-3 times a year and I never got hassled, as a matter a fact my last phone before the iPhone was free just because.

    My SLVR was 5 months old and worked great but I called in because I had a small issue with the keypad lighting, I spoke to the girl for 15 minutes and she said that instead of going through the hassle of sending out my phone to get repaired she would give me any phone I wanted for free, she was one of the supervisors on duty and also agreed to wave the upgrade fee. I chose the RAZR v3 with iTunes ($200 value, free) and after I got it in the mail I called Motorola and they repaired my old phone (under warranty), I then later sold it to my cousin.

    I've upgrade 2-3 times a year under my phone plan with no problems, but when I call to upgrade my sisters phone under her plan I get denied, so I upgrade my phone and give it to her.
  17. hidehide macrumors 6502

    May 1, 2007
  18. SFStateStudent macrumors 604


    Aug 28, 2007
    San Francisco California, USA

    do tell! :confused:

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