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    So I've decided to plunge head first (along with 2 other mates) into the creation of a software developing company. We're currently struggling with the percentages for initial equity split. Seemed like a good idea to reap inspiration from the top dogs around. In that spirit, I've spent the whole afternoon researching the initial and current equity percentage allocated to the founders of the following tech companies: Apple, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Digg. Notwithstanding the thorough comb of the tubes, only managed to get a decent picture for Apple. Sincerely hope some crafty researcher out there can help me fill in the blanks (ideally with source reference links). Here's the intel I've managed to unearth so far:

    Note: x%/y% refer to the initial and current equity respectively. The the age the founder had when the company was created is also presented.

    APPLE - 01/04/1976

    Steve Jobs: 45%/? - (21 years)
    Steve Wozniak: 45%/0% - (25 years)
    Ronald Wayne: 10%/0% - (41 years)

    References: 1, 2, 3.

    MICROSOFT - 04/04/1975

    Bill Gates: ?/? - (19 years)
    Paul Allen: ?/? - (22 years)

    References: 1.

    GOOGLE - 04/09/1998

    Sergey Brin: ?/15% - (25 years)
    Larry Page: ?/15% - (25 years)

    References: 1, 2.

    FACEBOOK - 04/02/2004

    Mark Zuckerberg: ?/24% - (19 years)
    Eduardo Saverin: ?/5% - (21 years)
    Dustin Moskovitz: ?/6% - (19 years)
    Chris Hughes: ?/1% - (20 years)

    References: 1.

    TWITTER - 15/07/2006

    Jack Dorsey: ?/? - (29 years)
    Evan Williams: ?/? - (34 years)
    Biz Stone: ?/? - (32 years)

    References: N/A.


    Kevin Rose: ?/? - (26 years)

    References: N/A.

    Thanks in advance. Cheers!
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    1. you're not going to find the details on Facebook, Twitter or Digg as they are currently still private

    2. don't use that data to determine how much controlling interest each party gets as it will provide no useful guidance to your company. every one of them were financed differently, generated different cash flows and supported varying amounts of employees/investors. each of those factors made a HUGE difference in how much equity was issued allotted for the founders

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