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Apr 12, 2001

Long-time Apple supplier Foxconn Electronics will reportedly assist Apple in shipping products directly to China in the near future, reports Digitimes. Specifically, the supplier's factories in Zhengzhou, China will serve as primary suppliers to China's domestic market, enabling an easier transition from production to shipping and ultimately sales.
In the past, Apple's products had to be first shipped to Hong Kong or Shenzhen, China to complete the export procedures and then imported back before they could hit the store shelves in China.

The direct shipments will reduce import taxes, and may reduce the prices for Apple products in China, the sources said.
The factories are also expected to provide logistics and after-sale maintenance services in China, and Foxconn is reportedly trying to extend that direct shipment business model to other countries where it has facilities, such as Indonesia and Brazil.

Article Link: Foxconn to Reportedly Assist Apple in Shipping Products Directly to China


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Jul 10, 2008
Perhaps a dumb question but why do they have to do this differently now in China/Brazil
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