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    Hey Guys,

    In cooperation with an famous artist in Germany I made an iPad application with an art portal, there aren't alot of Art apps, so we decided to set the tone for fellow artists & developers.
    Basically we wanted to demo his art work with fractalanimations, but we want the user to have it on their iPad, free to save it, email it, print it as he wants.
    The usability in the app is simple, you choose a slideshow you want to see, you can decide to set an timer and let the slideshow gently flow into the next one with the relaxation/medical music on the background (which is configurable in the main menu). You can also start up an custom made floating slideshow like on the Apple TV.
    There is also a seperate slideshow with Fractal-movies for an ultimate Fractal-experience.
    The app is completely setted up to work flawlessly with Projectors & Apple TV for the optimal usage & relaxation.
    Alot more content is coming soon, we would certainly appreciate the feedback!

    You can download the version for iPad 1/2 here >Click me<
    And the optimized Retina version here >Click me for Retina!<




    We would really appreciate it if you could download the application and let us know what you think.
    If you appreciate my posts in the iOS Development forums, a download as a thanks would be cool to!

    Can't wait to hear it.

    jNoxx :apple:

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