OS X Frame limmiter like MSI Afterburner / RivaTuner

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    Is there a possibility to cap Frame limits on OSX like on Windows using MSI Afterburner?

    The reason I ask is, sometimes i want to play a game on my mac but i already killed a iMac whit playing a game. That was the game Lost Horizon 2, I noticed after i killed my iMac that this game runs without frame limit, so on my Windows 10 Game PC it went up to 200-300 FPS... for a Point an Click adventure. Totally bollocks! So i set the Afterburner on 30 FPS limit and the GPU utilization went from 100% to 20% and so the temperature went down.

    Now i just want a Program like this for OSX. Also a in game overlay would be nice to see the temperature and utilization wile playing.

    Could not find anything on the Internet. Only found a program to cap CPU usage.

    /Edit: Just installed the Graphics Tools for XCode an did a test. The Games run at 60 FPS. Some less would be nice to save the GPU.

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