Frank Levingston 110, R.I.P.

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by rshrugged, May 4, 2016.

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    My wife's aunt recently turned 105. She was a W.A.C in WWII. I can't imagine what it is to live that long.
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    None of us can.

    The Evolution of modern mankind really:
    The Automobile Age,
    Steele Industrial Age,
    The Computer Revolution Age,
    And the beginning of the Electrical Vehicle Age,
    Oil Crises come and gone,
    The Television born mass consumed,

    Think of it ... really! As a child this guy saw horse and buggies still about and rapidly change to cars by the time he was 5! Then Skyscrappers, servers the size of a floor become something you put in a desk. Mortars built by hand, the amount of bodies mamed repaired, people died before his eyes, of those he saved, or killed in the name of FREEDOM! REAL FREEDOM not this garbage you're being sold the past 15yrs with insurgents and non-sense! a REAL WORLD WAR! A real war at that!

    And on top of it all .... his faith in the almighty GOD has NEVER WAVERED ... and he called the age of his death SPOT ON!

    Contemplate that all for a moment .... REALLY let it sink into conciousness .... he's practically lived 3 lifespans!

    Have a peaceful journey Mr Levingston ... you've served human beings well along with comrades fallen, long gone and still with us today.

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