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    Hey guys,

    Just trying to get an opinion here. Normally I buy a Mac and the warranty apple care which has come in handy many times. However with this latest purchase I do not have an Applecare warranty with it. The one year warranty is out so it sort of puts me in a unique position to make the mac I want,

    I was thinking of upgrading my Hard Drive to an SSD drive and moving my existing HD to the Optical Drive Bay in my Late 2011 Macbook Pro. I wil be running both OSX natively and Windows 8 Pro once Apple updates the Bootcamp drivers.

    Does anyone know how hard doing this is? I am a reasonably intelligent guy but not an engineer.

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    Check out OWC they have the caddy for the hdd to fit in the optical drive swapping an sad out is easy the whole thing will require a screw tray Phillips and a torx set (maybe) very easy if you need help check out ifixit but you should be able to just see what needs to happen.....

    Have fun :cool:
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    Very easy.
    You just need the parts which is:
    -Main bay SSD/HDD
    -Optibay SSD/HDD
    -Phillips screwdriver for back panel
    -Hexa screw to take the HDD out of main bay

    Before telling you the procedure, do you want to fresh install the OS or just put everything all together?
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    I think the wisest move would be to move all of my music and photos to an external drive first then do a fresh install.

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