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    Recently, we launched our brand-new "Codeproof Mobile Security & MDM" App. Codeproof protects your phone from malware and thefts. Codeproof is not just a simple App, we provide complete Mobile Device Management (MDM) Console, where customer can login and manage all of their phones anytime anywhere. Codeproof App is FREE for 1 device.

    App Download link: https://www.codeproof.com/Home/Download

    Codeproof supports iPad, iPhone, Android Devices and even Kindle Fire. The key features include the following:

    - Mobile Antivirus Protection(Android), Privacy Protection and Parental controls
    - Lost Device Detection, Jail-broken phone Detection, including Device Lock, Remote Wipe, and Encryption
    - Password Restrictions, App Restrictions and Directory-Based Policy Management
    - Remote configuration of Email, Wi-Fi, and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
    - Device Telemetry & Asset Management
    - App Distribution & Mobile App Management (MAM)
    - True SaaS and Built on Amazon Elastic Cloud Stack
    - Role-Based Admin Management
    - Multi-Tenant Architecture
    - Platform extensibility through Developer APIs
    - Anytime Anywhere access though Cloud Console

    You can evaluate Codeproof using below easy steps:
    1. Create an account at https://codeproof.com
    2. Install Codeproof App on all your Phones & Tablets from Appstore https://codeproof.com/Home/Download
    3. Open "Codeproof app" and enroll your Phone or Tablet to Codeproof by logging-in with your Codeproof account(use single account, so that all devices appear in one account)
    4. Now remotely manage your phone & tablet by logging into web Console at https://codeproof.com/console

    Web Console login: https://codeproof.com/console
    FAQ: https://www.codeproof.com/home/FAQ
    Video Tutorials: http://www.youtube.com/user/CodeproofTech
    White paper: http://bit.ly/cpwhitepaper1
    Codeproof Blog: https://codeproof.com/blog

    For more visit https://codeproof.com

    App screenshot 1:
    photo 3.PNG

    App screenshot 2:

    Web Console: https://codeproof.com/console


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