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    Jun 24, 2012
    Hey community

    I've saw that the RedSnow team, has released a new version to "jailbreak" the iOS 6 Beta 1 (tethered).
    That's fine, but the new update doesn't act like a normal jailbreak. It doens't install Cydia, but it implements a SSH connection to your iOS 6 Beta 1 device.

    After that, you have to SSH'ing into the device and install Cydia through the terminal.

    I thought there is a way to skip the SSH-step. So I've decided to code a little application, which installs Cydia after the RedSnow jailbreak automatically and here it is! I think it would be the best, if I share it with the community, because I would hear about bugs/problems faster than anywhere else.

    You just have to implement the SSH connection through the RedSnow jailbreak and after that, you can start my tool to install Cydia.

    The application has been programmed with C#/.NET. So usually you can't run Windows programs on OS X, but with MONO (see instructions on my site) you're able to run .NET applications on OSX.

    I've just finished the application and if there're any bugs or something, I would be happy if you contact me.

    You can grab the automatic Cydia installer and correct RedSnow build with some instructions on my site.

    Best regards


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