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Aug 20, 2012

Hi Everyone!

CalculatorZ is innovation, work great with iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.
DOUBLE calculators in one device this offer you much more than the regular calculator that you've ever seen in the App Store. No complicate scientific button to make you confuse it is sure very easy to use.
With all the HD images and theme you can choose to fit your style.

It's very useful and helpful when you want to using calculator while surfing the internet and more!!

**More AWESOME Features**

  • iOS5 Supported
  • TWO calculators in one device.
  • Browser for you to calculate while surfing.
  • Drag & Drop, + - x ÷ by drag from one cal to another.
  • Simple calculation buttons even a kids would love it.
  • You can calculate % (percent)
  • NO Advanced mathematical/scientific buttons.
  • Multitask supports, even accidentally quit the app your result still there.
  • One calculator in portrait view.
  • Two calculator in landscape view.
  • All calculation behave just like the original calculator.
  • Button with sound - there are no more miss tap.
  • 4 Themes
    - Highly advance Mac Book Theme
    - Modern Wooden Theme
    - Doodle Classroom Theme
    - Gothic Castle Theme

Feel like this app?
CalculatorZ is now FREE on the Apple's App Store For iPhone and iPad.
iTunes Links : Download Here FREE

If you love this creative idea double calculators, Please share it to your friends~ :cool:


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Sep 24, 2012
Really, It's good application working for calculation in smart phone. Also, I am using Cas Cal by Power App GmbH Application for calculation. The app is comprised with high quality graphics and best user interface.
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