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    Sep 13, 2012
    Get ready for an unparalleled level of addiction. This game is a remake of the classic 1976 game, BreakOut, by Atari. However instead of hitting bricks with a ball, this time you hit colourful balloons with the ball. The whole game has been well polished to give it a modern twist with excellent sounds and beautiful graphics that will truly engage your attention. The game also makes use of modern mechanics such as Accelerometer and features Game Center Leaderboards. Please click below to download:


    Tap any part of the screen to make the paddle launch the ball. Tilt your device left or right to use the accelerometer to control the movement of the paddle. Pick up point boosters and other power-ups as and when they spawn from burst balloons. Becareful though, not everything is worth picking up.
    • Remake of a true Classic
    • Good Sound Effects
    • Nice Graphics
    • 20 Levels
    • GameCenter Enabled

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    Extra Screenshots

    more screenshots of this truly absorbing game

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    Beautiful screenshot

    check it out:)

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