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    hi All,

    My new app My Decorate Alphabets - iPad Edition now available on AppStore,go to get it.

    iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/decorate-alphabets-free/id668946674?l=zh&mt=8

    Decorating Alphabets app provides a special way for kids to be creative, create your own letters in different shape, voice recording with English alphabet anthropomorphic to be more interactive learning and help kids learning becomes fun!

    Its design is still based on my son – P and his favorite kid's learning behavior comes in, it provides a variety of materials uppercase and lowercase letters, so that children can use the buttons, marbles, balls, fruit, flowers, leaves, shape … of various materials, arranged in the English alphabet, the letters of the alphabet to help dress plus eyes and mouth so on. Through voice recording to complete works. Interact with the spelling board, writing the letters and this APP also built-in 52 lovely English letter word shape pattern to help interactive learning.

    Decorating Alphabets provides the following features:

    0. Home:
    Children can click on the cute animals, playing simple music.

    1. Vocabulary for ABC/abc:
    52 lovely shape the case letters and word patterns, kids can click on the fox to pull the ball, reshape the alphabet after the transfiguration word patterns, and read out the English word.

    2. Spelling:
    Provide children with their creations to interactive with cute animals inside of APP where kids can spell the alphabet, once drag out multiple creations to zoom in/out or rotate and click them, they will sing songs and also talk, moreover, you can also switch to a different scenes. So it's even more fun.

    3. ABC/abc Puzzle:
    Offers 52 lovely shape letters and letter patterns vocabulary mapping game, and training the child's image recognition and memory capabilities.






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