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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by baddj, Dec 25, 2009.

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    Mar 4, 2009

    I some dvd's for xmas and i want to rip them onto the computer to a can re-burn them so i can keep the disks safe so if my burned ones get a scratch i can re-burn them again. And i if i get an Apple TV i can put them on my itunes i want to know how i do it i tried handbrack but the dvd comes in like it was drown with no colour and that. What whats the best free way to do it?
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    HandBreak is the best — double check your settings, or use on of the built in presets. Hopefully that'll fix the issue you're having with the color.
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    Handbrake is an encoder (in that it creates a lossy file)

    A good ripper is
    1) Fairmount
    2) RipIt
    3) MactheRipper

    I like RipIt the best but Fairmount is free and good as well:)
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    Handbrake is good but you need one more free program to rip that dvd in handbrake.

    1. Download and install and run once videolan's VLC. (32bit) handbrake uses a library that is included in VLC
    2. Download and install handbrake (32bit)
    You can also get the 64 bit versions of VLC and handbrake but VLC's 64 bit version (1.02) is somewhat buggy. You cannot mix 64 bit with 32 bit...

    3. Run handbrake and select your dvd as the source.
    4 Select one of the presets on the right hand side slide out menu
    5 I've been using the high profile setting... but if you want to run it only on your iPod select the proper iPod preset. Just be aware you are trading quality for a smaller file size. The movie will look great on a small screen, but on a 20" or greater screen the movie will start to look a little fuzzy.

    The high profile setting I use will look good on a 50" screen or my ipod. In this case I have a larger file size but I also have a higher quality movie encode.
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    Ripping is copying the content of a CD or DVD to another medium, mostly an HDD, whilst removing the copy protection/encryption.

    Handbrake (not break) does not copy the content of a video DVD, it encodes the video, which is saved most probably on an HDD. It gets a little bit of help by VLC and the containing libdvdcss library that decodes the video DVD encryption.

    Therefore a rip program is needed when one wants to rip a DVD. Dukebound85 has listed them.
    Handbrake does not rip.

    Also ripping a video DVD before encoding the content puts a lot of stress onto the DVD drive, and the encoding process might be even faster if one has (a) fast CPUs, as the DVD drive has slower read speeds than an HDD.
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    Mar 4, 2009
    Okay i my friend has ripit so i put the dvd in and it puts it in the movies folder as a dvdv player format but when i open that in handbrack and click the high profile from the right hand side it still likes like it was a drawing.

    but i can play that file in dvd player and works fine.

    I also tried evom and i open the it says it does not support that format but if i drag that file into evom and try to encode it to avi it adds like 8 files with wired names and some fail.

    what should i do?
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    Jun 28, 2009
    where to download newest v MacTheRipper ???

    I have MacTheRipper 2.0.1, which I downloaded in 2004.
    Is there a more recent version?
    Where is the download site?
    I went to
    but it looks like an abandoned domain.


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