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    ShareOn is a new file-sharing application that allows you to share media files with your friends and access them easily from different devices. It’s a nice way of using files cross-platforms without having to use physically connecting them or using complicated integrated systems. It provides a quick and easy way for you to stream videos, pictures and audio on most devices that are currently out there.

    You can access all your media from your computer or other devices on your iOS or Android device and stream any video file within seconds with minimal buffering.

    The application might be a little bit confusing in the beginning, but it comes with a short and simple User Guide that explains you all features clearly. Within a matter of minutes you will have it figured out.

    The application is quickly installed on your mobile device and computer and works fluently on both devices. It integrates without problems and with very short loading times. It can be perfectly used to access files located on your PC through your phone and sharing them immediately with friends or family.
    Stream your media to any DLNA supported device like Smart TV or WiFi-speakers.

    When it comes to file sharing and accessing it’s really made my life a lot easier.
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    This sounds prety interesting! I'll give it a try :)

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