Free for new buyers only is crap, IMO

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    I'm already prepared to get flamed on this one, but I'm kind of bummed that iWork is only free for people who purchase new Macs. I know Apple doesn't owe me anything, it just seems like they would extend this to their existing users who don't already own the apps as well. As it stands, I got a super cheap copy of Office for OSX through my work, and I can't see myself spending $60 for these.

    Edited to add: Tried the "create a new Admin user" trick, and it had the apps already in the dock for the new admin account. I just had to update them through the MAS, which when it prompted me for my Apple ID, tied the new apps to my ID as purchased.

    So...if the software is evidently already pre-installed on new user accounts, why lock out old user accounts from the free downloads in the MAS? Either way, I've got the apps now and am pretty happy with them.
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    Its called a software bug.

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