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    Breaking News!
    Frogs Vs. Pests Season Version has launched on App Store in this summer holiday.
    Great trouble hangs over the little pool again! Little frog is ready for fight against the pests which are destroying the flowers. However, the enemies are too many to kill. Give the guard a hand please. Water grass, volcano, spring. In this version you can see much natural landscape and how the frog combats for its home in these beautiful sceneries. With a greedy look in pests’ eyes, they are eager to eat the flowers. Time is pressing. Come on to battle with them!
    App Title : Frogs Vs. Pests Seasons
    Download link :
    Website URL :*
    Release Date : 4/08/2011

    There are two modes in this game. The Stage Mode and Challenge Mode. The Stage Mode consist of 60 levels and single and multi-frogs scene. Your task in this game is to protect the flowers from destroying by the pest.
    Control the frog to DART OUT its tongue by touching it and dragging backward. Then release finger to hit aimed pest. The longer you drag, the further the tongue will stick out. Pay attention, some pests are very stubborn and you have to assault them several times, rotate the tongues, or pull back the tongues…
    Compared with the single scene, the multi scenes is more interesting and challenging. In this scene, there are some special plant will slow down the speed of the tongue. And some Spring make the tongue suddenly drag back, these all make the game more difficult.
    The Method to eat the pests is also different, you sometimes need to drag back or rotate the tongue to eat them. The higher level you play the more difficult it will be.
    The challenge mode is good mode to compete with your friends. So try it with your friends around you!
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    please don't delete my thread,our game's free,i just want to share this cool game with everyone!!

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