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    App Store URL: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id876873687?mt=8

    At first, I thought it’s similar game as Threes! or 2048. But after playing with it. I found it’s actually a finger speed game, quite easy but with more fun, much better than the games such as don’t step on white tiles. The main game rule is to swipe the digits (1 or 2 or 4) on the right side together to get the desired sum number listed on the left side. During the game, you are required to face both mental and physical challenges together. Although the mathematics is so easy (e.g 1+2, 2+4, 4+2+1, …), you need to calculate and move your finger as quick as possible. You will find your brain is not always working smoothly and what you need to train is to get rid of the blank brain period as many as you can. I believe you will get addicted to beat your friends on this game.


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