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    My latest free game CSG-Crazy Ball - Power Line Match 5 just live on the Appstore .it is puzzle games, If you like match line game maybe you can try it ! Thanks


    iTunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/tw/app/csg-crazy-ball-power-lines/id589000500

    CSG-Crazy Ball - Power Line Match 5

    This is the a most remake of the classic Lines linking puzzle game.
    It is total different with other match 5 or 5 in a row game with different rule and special power..
    You can take as long as you need to chose the best moves using brain power and logic!
    This is a bright and highly polished version of a classic game.
    Once you play , you will addict!
    ~How To Play?~

    touch a ball to select it and click on an empty spot to place it.
    Make horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines of at least five ball with the same color or special ball .

    if you erase the special ball (arrow or bomb) , it will have special effect.
    You can arrange them and try to cause the chain effect to erase a lot of ball at once.!!!!



    ★ The game people of all ages can simple to learn.
    ★ No time limits
    ★ 7 color Balls and a variant Ball
    ★ Special effect of Arrow and bomb on ball
    ★ 3 levels
    ★ Classic match 5 game play.
    ★ Touch-screen optimized control.
    ★ Simple to learn, hard to master.
    ★ Optimized for mobile phone and large screens and Tablets

    If you like this game , please rate it and recommend it to your friends.
    Thanks for playing, enjoy it!

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