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    Shadow Defense


    Dark Shadows was released from the Earth's center. With anger and hatred towards people, they decided to rule the earth and destroy mankind for imprisoning them for centuries.

    Your village is under attack, but the darkness is not strong enough, but inside the tower is hidden an ancient artifact that will release all evil from the earth's center.

    It's now your duty to defend the tower and stop the evil of the earth and to incorporate destroy humanity. Get on the tower and stop the darkness! Do not let humanity fail.

    DOWNLOAD FREE https://itunes.apple.com/vn/app/shadow-defense/id884474082?mt=8

    New features:

    • High new powers
    • Automatic restart bar
    • improved game play
    • Added Thunder attach
    • Added an air strike
    • Added poisonous gas
    • Added Frozen attack
    • Fixed bugs
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