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    My name is Noriki Nishimura. I am a Individual developer of iPhone game in Japan.

    "ShifShif Free" is iPhone action puzzle game.
    simple operation , simple rule , but deep puzzle game.


    Blocks of various colors falling. In a row.
    - slide Right -> shift Right
    - slide Left -> shift Left
    - slide Down -> fall faster
    - flick under -> Block fast fast drop.
    You can block until all of the stick shift.

    connect 3 or more blocks of the same color,Block disappears & Get Score!!
    When "Chain" a lot, you get a high score.
    When blocks disappear a lot together, you get a high score.

    Operation is "Right shift","Left shift" only. very simple.
    but, adding "When to shift?" is difficult to puzzle.

    Game Level will increase , if you continue to remove the block.
    Game will be more difficult as the level goes up.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    - Features
    a. If you exit the app during the game, game is paused.You can resume whenever you want.
    b. This game is good operability. "ShifShif Free" is real-time action puzzle,
    but operation is "Right shift","Left shift" only. (There is no rotation of the block.)
    c. The image of a "blackboard" game screen(very friendly). This game is also pleased to kids.
    d. Corresponding to GameCenter


    Please try playing!!
    I am happy if you're having a good time.
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    ShifShif Demo movie

    ShifShif Demo movie here.


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