Free Hard Drive Space & Partitioning Questions

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Hls811, Nov 16, 2007.

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    I did try searching for this, but I think it might be a very vague topic, so sorry if its been discussed..

    I thought somewhere I once saw a "rule of thumb" about how much space you shold have free on a Mac Hard drive before performance becomes an issue.

    I currently have a SR MBP with the 160GB drive - I have about 40GB free right now and thats without my movies which I keep on an external drive - I'd like to keep them on my local drive since I'm usually going back and forth copying to and from my iPod Touch. I've got no problem getting a new Hard Drive, I'd like to wait a few more weeks for the 320Gb to become more readily available - but it got me thinking to try and find out what that 'safe size' is for free HD room.

    Also, does partitioning help or hurt performance? the overwhelming majority of my data is my MP3 Collection (about 40GB), Movies (~30GB) and Pictures (~20GB) - if/when I get the new drive would I be better off making an OS/Apps/Documents partition and then a seperate one for the media files (or 3 seperate ones for each?)

    Thanks in advance
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