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    With Hsu Pei Hung app you can browse the beauty behind the lens from Pei Hung. User can scroll through his most awesome work and see how he used only natural light and vibrant color on his works. What's more you can also read the history about Kunqu opera, and save favorite photos to your ipad photo folder for looking at again at a later date.

    Pei Hung travels the world on assignments for his various clients as his portfolio covers the fields of people, life style and much more.

    Key Features:
    1.Hsu and Kunqu
    3.Media Center
    4.Behind the scenes
    5.Bai Xian Yong
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    Jul 22, 2005
    Is english localisation in there? (otherwise, why market a chinese-only app in english??)

    If it's got english I'll take a look, mostly for the photography (which I like, chinese opera not so much ;)
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