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    Hello Everyone, hope you are having a good day. We have just launched Lets Draw Lines; a free Puzzle game for iPhone and iPod touch. Please do let me know about your experience playing this game; as this is our first effort at games development!!


    Brief Description:

    “LetsDrawLines” transforms the dull and dry school classes into exciting and challenging puzzle game. The user controls the chalk with the objective of manoeuvring it through various smartly placed check marks.The app is released in both the free version and paid version to play with. With the ability to play solo or multiplayer with your friends, “LetsDrawLines” is a must have for all gamers out there.

    “LetsDrawLines” is a unique theme based concept featuring 4 unique subjects, each creating a distinctive environment, and with over 48 lectures to play through “LetsDrawLines” provides so much then others.

    App Features
    *Fun-to-play game interface and attractive sound effects.
    *Smooth chalk movement and motion based rotation of chalk provides you a better view of the screen.
    *Chalk Bar Meter displays the length of chalk left.
    *48 challenging lectures from 4 unique classrooms
    *Game for all ages, attracting young & old to revisit their classroom in a whole addictive and fun way.
    *Unique Game concept where connecting dots was never so much fun and challenging.
    *Get your unique scores and grades based on your performance.
    *Plan all your moves and get to the final check-mark without the chalk running out.
    *Difficulty level increases as you progress in your class lectures for more challenging game experience.
    *Includes a Tutorial to familiarize you with the game basics.
    *Accelerometer and Retina Display to enhance the gameplay capability.
    *Pinpoint touch accuracy.
    *Multi- player support

    LITE VERSION APP LINK: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/letsdrawlines-lite/id493572880?mt=8
    FULL VERSION APP LINK: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/letsdrawlines/id485692344?mt=8
    Lets Draw Lines-Official Promo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNZb5wZ35RM

    So What Are You Waiting For...Its is Time To have Fun In The Class!!

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    Please Do Let Me Know If About your playing Experience!!

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