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    Critter Camp

    By Loud Panda Interactive, Inc.

    Unleash the Monster Trainer in You!
    Do you have what it takes to become a legendary Critter Master?
    Embark on epic adventures and battle other trainers in Crittopia!


    Cute and Deadly

    Collect tons of adorable and wild Critters. Train them to be the greatest fighters in Critopia.


    Training with Games
    Make your Critter stronger with fun and interactive mini-games.
    Improve their Agility, Strength,Vitality, and Intelligence while having fun at the same time.


    Balance is the Key
    Take care of your beloved Critter friends.
    Unique Fatigue and Hunger system: Learn to balance your training to create the ultimate Critter!


    Create Your Critter Dream Team

    No two critters are alike.
    Customize your critters in training and become a legendary Critter master


    Battle for Epic Rewards
    Battle other trainers and test the might of your Critters.
    Earn epic rewards fit for a champion.


    Feature Overview
    Tons of unique and cute critters to chose from!
    Fun and exciting training mini games - The Pit, Library, Track and Gym.
    Customize and build your own ultimate critter!
    Unique fatigue and hunger system
    Fight other trainers in PVP - Dominate and earn epic rewards.

    Download the game at https://itunes.apple.com/ph/app/critter-camp/id877927405?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo=8
    Follow and like us at www.facebook.com/thecrittercampgame

    Critter Camp Official Trailer

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    Android version of the game currently at its final testing stage and will be launching by next month check out our official facebook page to be updated :D

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