Free iPod with CEPP discount?

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    Mar 1, 2011
    I will be purchasing my new iMac shortly. I was waiting for the summer sale to get the free iPod Touch, but I am going to use my wife's CEPP discount (she works for a bank in Canada that gets a discount with Apple). Does that make me ineligible for the free iPod? Is it only for students?

    I would rather have the discount than the iPod, but I was hoping for both. :)
  2. r0k, May 12, 2011
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    I got a free iPod Touch (via mail in rebate) when I bought my son's Macbook Pro for him to go to college in the summer of 2009 at epp pricing. So yes, I got both. Careful... After walking around with that iPod Touch and a Blackberry for close to a year, I found myself dreading the BB and enjoying the 'touch. Now the BB has been sold on ebay and my main phone is an iPhone 4. I also have an iPad. Be very careful. Those iPod Touches are a gateway drug...

    I seem to remember a faint inscription on my iPod Touch...
    ""One iPod Touch to Rule Them All. One iPod Touch to find them. One iPod Touch to bring them all and in the Kool Aid bind them. In the land of Cupertino where everybody drinks the Apple flavored Kool Aid."
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