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    Hello Everyone!

    Jink is a brand new location-sharing app which makes it exceptionally easy to meet up with people you know. With just a few taps, you can send a Jink to anyone in your phone book and, once they accept, see each other move in real-time.

    Jink is useful when you:
    · Meet a friend for dinner, coffee, drinks, etc.
    · Find your friends when you get out of class
    · Commute home (and avoid texting while driving!)
    · Pick up your kid from school or relatives at the airport
    · Meet anyone, anywhere

    Jink features include:
    · Simple controls: no sign-up required; start a Jink in just a couple taps
    · Privacy: share only with people you choose while you're on the go
    · Live sharing: icons move in real-time so you can meet with ease
    · Temporary events: location sharing ends automatically when you meet up
    · Groups: meet up with multiple people simultaneously


    Check us out at www.jinkapp.com or download here:

    iTunes App Store
    Google Play Store
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    They are working for us. Which link are you referring?

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