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    Nov 4, 2010
    I am creating an App Marketing business and I need volunteers who would like me to market their app for them for free. This service will not be free in the future but I want to be able to help some people out so that I can use their success as a tagline on the web site that we are constructing. It really shouldn't require much of anything from you the developer besides:
    - agreeing that you will fill out our short survey after the free week of marketing
    - that you will send us your sales information so that we can see how much you have increased
    - your agreement that if the gain was large enough that you will let us use your app name on our website of people that we have helped
    - a short paragraph about your company and the story of how you got the idea to create this app
    - a promo code for the app

    The first 3 people to send me all of this information in a private message will win one week of our marketing service where we will craft a press release and send that release to over 200 of the most influential tech blogs, journalists, and media outlets in the mobile app community.

    I will update this thread as slots are taken....
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    Nov 4, 2010

    Promotional Campaign is over. Thank you to all of you who were interested.

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