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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by simple20, May 22, 2011.

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    Hey gents, ladies

    Anybody know if ATT is still giving out free microcells? My area gets great coverage, but in my apartment, its a dead zone and I ofter drop calls. I've even been tossing around buying an atrix on CL because they get better reception, but can't bear myself to pay 350-400 dollars on a phone that has a sub par camera (I love the iphones camera!) Before any white knights come in here saying I shouldn't have bought the iphone if service in my place is bad, well my job requires me to move a lot, and since I've gotten it, I've lived in 3 states. I will be here for a good while though :).

    Anyway, att gets a lot of money from me, and I'd rather pay out of pocket for a new phone that will work, then pay for a microcell and the monthly service to augment what ATT should be doing anyway. Also, if i buy an atrix, and I get a sim adapter and plug into it, will I lose my unlimited data and go to a capped plan?

    Thanks guys
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    Why not call and ask? If your calls are being dropped repeatedly you'd have a good case for getting one.
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    A month or so ago I tried, but the most they could and would do was offer me a microcell at a "discounted rate." I declined to pay anymore to make a service I already pay for work as it should... No biggie I guess... Never had great service in parts of my basement, so I know nothing different...
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    I called and asked customer service about this the other day. They told me that it was $200 minus a $100 rebate. I specifically asked if there was a monthly charge for this because they offer a cheap microcell in exchange for adding $20 monthly unlimited microcell calling to your account. He said no.

    Went to the store to pick it up, and the CSR there (and a call to internal support) all said that the $100 rebate was only for the plan subscribers. So the manager overheard some of this and discounted the $100 instantly. No fuss, she was very nice about the whole thing. Even gave a $25 gift card for future equipment in exchange for being a good customer :).

    And I was in the same boat as you. Map shows excellent coverage, but in reality two of my family plan members are lucky to get one bar of edge in the driveway, much less inside.
  5. rockyroad55, May 23, 2011
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    OP, my friend called and they said the 100 was instant over the phone and store reps may have more discounts. Apparently he has been using the Mark The Spot app and they do take note of that since the rep on the phone saw his reports!
  6. bigrash macrumors regular

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    I called AT&T CSRs many times to try and get a free Microcell. My service was terrible were I live also. They never gave me a free one no matter how many times I called.

    Then in February, I switched to Verizon. Called AT&T to cancel my service and they offered me a free one if I stayed with them. Really messed up that it took me switching service to offer me one, and they even said "why didn't you ask the cancelling department before?" lol. So what I recommend is if they don't give you one for free, speak to the cancellation department and tell them you'd like to cancel your service and see if they offer you one.

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