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Folding@home is a project run by Stanford University managing a distributed computing setup based on computing power provided by individuals like you and me. It use mathematical methods of protein folding in order to understand diseases and help find cures for Alzheimer's, ALS, Huntington's, Parkinson's disease and some kind of cancers.

Screenshot 2013.08.18 23.23.10.png

This free app is only useful for you if you are (or plan to be) an active participant for the Folding@Home project. If you don't have the required client software (v7) installed and running on your computer this app will do nothing for you.
In case you want to experiment with the app you need in addition to download and install the client software from Stanford University project site (for Win, Mac and Linux), enter a user ID and join a team if you like to fold with others.

This monitoring app is not part of the folding process itself. It is designed to monitor and partially control your Folding@Home systems.

Only a little configuration need to be done: hostname, port and password for remote access are to be entered in order to see the progress for the work units your system is assigned to. You can remotely control the client software in a way to start, pause or finish an assignment.

In addition the monitoring capability the app provide simple statistics giving you a quick overview on your folding landscape and progress. It also allows you to eMail the logfile in case you experience issues during folding and want to get help from other fellow folders.

In case you need support for the application itself please visit:

(By the way: has its own folding team with the ID 3446; the idea for this app comes from my own participation there)
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May 10, 2010
Happy to inform you about the recent update of the FAHMM app on the AppStore to version 3.0

Main improvements are:

  1. Improvements in the visualization of proteins (incl a simple 3D viewer; you need simple glasses to enjoy).
  2. Push notification to inform you when the global available statistics for your donor IDs got changed.
  3. Integration with Apple Watch allowing to receive notification, check progress of work-units, start/pause/stop work-units, and overview of current points
  4. Table-based configuration tool for folding clients (e.g. slot size, client type, ...). Per design it is not possible to change remote password or passkey; for those please proceed as usual today. This might be added in future version based on demand.
  5. Ability to connect via SSH tunnel to your folding systems; the required keys you can create direct on the device; though the public key need to be manually added to the folding clients or the SSH tunnel your primary connect to.
  6. Import of older log files via sFTP or WebDAV and table-based reporting

If you have any question please have a look at or contact me via

Keep folding
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