Free Music, WiFI Sync, and a Wirelssly Refreshed iPhone iPod!!!

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    This is not for the feint of heart.

    This is for music fiends.

    If you like Mewseek, but wish it permanently updated your PC/Mac itunes, then this may be for you.

    What you need to get started:

    GrooveShark App
    Skydrive acoount at Microsoft Live (25GB)
    iSMEStorage App
    WiFi Sync(Cydia)
    AllWay Sync for Vista PC(free)....Should be able to use an alias in Mac OS.
    SkydriveSimpleViewer (PC)

    Here goes:

    This new method involves getting new music via the GrooveShark on this forum. It also obviously involves iFile and then transferring the newly acquired music files to Skydrive using iSMEStorage. Once in Skydrive the files get auto synced to the "Automatically Add to iTunes" folder in iTunes. From there you use WiFi Sync(later most likely 3G) and the music shows up automatically in your iPhone's iPod App.

    If you have made it this far here is how. It should work for both Mac and Windows, but my proof of concept is on Windows Vista.

    Step 1) Open a Skydrive account using username from Microsoft(25GB free) Note that or usernames do not work.

    Step 2) Setup a free account at SMEStorage for Skydrive access. Cloud Packages

    Step 3) Download iSMEStorage from the App Store.

    Step 4) Assuming you have new music files from Grooveshark (note: Grooveshark files are properly named and usually have artwork) or what ever other means you download music files locally on your iPhone, transfer the files, using iFile from your folder to the iSMES folder called MyiPhoneSyncs located at var/mobile/Applications/iSMEStorage/Documents/Store/MyiPhoneSyncs.

    Step 5) Now go into iSMES and transfer the files to the Skydrive folder use the sync to server button.

    Step 6) Now open SkydriveSimpleViewer on your PC. You can download it here:

    Run the program and log into your Skydrive account.


    Step 7) You will need to copy the webdav address provided in the picture above. Take the webdav address and goto file explorer and map/connect to a network folder using that address. Select a drive letter not already in use. It should ask for your login info as well.....keep yourself permanently connected to the skydrive by checking the remember info box.

    Step 8) Now using AllSync:

    You can sync the newly created network drive letter to the C:\Users\Anyname\Music\iTunes\iTunes Music\Automatically Add to iTunes folder. See picture below:


    For mac users just sync the Skydrive to the Automatically Add to iTunes folder....I read you may be able to use an alias or a folder action.

    Step 9) Now that you have the folders synced....iTunes should already have the new files added to the iTunes library and have deleted the files from the Automatically Add to iTunes folder. See link for more info:

    Step 10) Setup the Wifi Sync app from Cydia and sync your iPhone.

    After all that you can for instance, download music from Grooveshark. Sync it to the Skydrive MyiPhoneSyncs folder, and then depending on how often you sync Skydrive to the Automatically Add to iTunes folder, do a wifi sync, and your new music will show up in your iPhone iPod app.

    Note: Theoretically you could add Photos or videos to the Camera roll automatically by making the "Automatically Add to iTunes\Not Added" folder your main photo folder....This would make your Camera Roll folders date active, according to the time and date stamp of the sync. Read how the Automatically Add to iTunes folder works below:
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    interesting i might give it a go. i thought grooveshark was a pay service on the iphone, no? i was planning on using uremote + remote desktop app to achieve similar results. it would be possible, but somewhat complicated, to use torrentula as well.
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    Groveshark give you two weeks for free and/or 50 offline downloads. There is a work around the limits.

    I know my post is long, but the concept of downloading music outside of itunes and getting it back into your iPhone's ipod wirelessly makes the iPhone that much better. When the 3G sync comes out, it will be that much better. Maybe someone will try this and have a better way to do it wirelessly. Mewseek is almost there.

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