[FREE] Next Flappy Bird? Addiction Is Here! Oblivious!

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by awesomer121, May 11, 2014.

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    May 11, 2014
    There is a new game in the App Store...it is called Oblivious. It is very addicting and has the same feel as Flappy Bird.

    I have met with the creator who is amazingly and inspiring a 12-year old boy. I, have written an article about him and I will copy and paste it below, if you are interested! But you guys should check out his app. He is a very nice boy!

    Jai Bhavnani
    Jai Bhavnani, an inspirer. He is a leader not a follower. He is different in a good way. Jai is one of the youngest computer-programmers. He currently has 2 spots in the App Store and is working on more.
    Jai has told us - everyday after school, he gets home and programs. Once dinner is ready he eats quickly, watches some TV with his family and goes back to programming until he falls asleep. He has said that on multiple occasions he has fell asleep trying to figure out a bug and in his dreams he comes up with a solution!
    Jai is very bright. He is in multiple invite-only math leagues and is joining more by the minute. He has expressed he dislikes when the children show ill-mannered behavior. In the time the other children are gossiping, Jai is coming up with bug fixes for his apps or even creating new apps. He has joined a club at his school where he is teaching computer-programming to younger children and he has said "I feel everything I know should be known throughout the world. I am special and I want to share that feeling with the world" He had been doing a good job following through with this by joining this club. Now he is expanding the club to work with Raspberry Pi's. He's creating multiple remote control cars that can drive around an arena! He is really a leader and not a follower!
    He currently has 2 apps in the App Store. One is called: Noters, an easy way to pass notes. The second is called Ra Jump. This game is an addicting game that has the same pull as doodle jump and he built it for extra credit for his school. He has told us that he is currently working on two apps right now. The first is a game called Oblivious which is supposedly very addicting. The second is called Chatterbox which is a revolutionary instant messenger that the NSA cannot track. Jai has knowledge of multiple languages from Java to Python and of course he knows objective-c. He has written multiple more apps in other languages but those have not been released to the public.
    Overall Jai is a great kid. He is a leader and not a follower and will always stop to help those behind him. He is a great influence to younger children and is destined for greatness!
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    Interesting, as the reviews have the same writing style as yourself.
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    you forgot the "highly addicting" Ra Jump! with 9 reviews ... that's 3 spots

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