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    Aug 13, 2015
    9x9 : The new App Store BESTSELLER

    Born on may, now it has got more than 4.000 downloads, a 4,81 of rating average over 200 people and it is available on Play Store and App Store (iOS and Android).

    Logic or luck ? Speed or calm ? Multi or single player ?
    You are the one who decides ! This is 9x9 !
    How does it works ? The game might seem complicated, but in reality it isn't: your aim is to gain many points as possible, and you can do it in a lot of ways,
    activating boxes, deactivating them, using bonuses, items and more!

    NEW! Multiplayer mode: play online with your friends or against new people using
    Google Play Games!
    ★ Shop: gain credits playing, then use them in the shop! Buy bonuses, wallpapers, and more!
    Leaderboards: challenge your friends also on the worldwide leaderboard offered by Google Play Games
    ★ Game modes: try plenty of game modes: Unlimited, Timed, Challenges, Multiplayer... You'll never get tired of playing !

    3.5-inch (iPhone 4) - Screenshot 1.jpg 3.5-inch (iPhone 4) - Screenshot 2.jpg 3.5-inch (iPhone 4) - Screenshot 4.jpg 3.5-inch (iPhone 4) - Screenshot 3.jpg

    Bug ? Questions ?
    Contact me via mail (see the bottom of this tab), leaving one star won't help!
    I hope you'll enjoy 9x9, the best multiplayer puzzle game on the store !



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    Aug 13, 2015
    Update 1.1 live
    - New challenges (SET 6)
    - New items in the shop
    Check it !

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