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    Mar 27, 2011

    This is a thread about the re-release of The Fish Dies in the End! The original game has been released about 1 year ago and has now received a huge update with many new additions and modifications to the gameplay. Most importantly, it's now permanently free-to-play.

    The Fish Dies in the End is an endless game with simple controls, nice cartoonish 2D graphics, many different enemies and obstacles to avoid, multiple cosmetic themes and styles to try, several power-ups, and much more. The game has Game Center integration with Leaderboards for each of the 3 difficulty levels and 25+ achievements.

    The idea for making the game F2P came a few months ago when we had a special promotion with the brazilian version of the game that was made free for a few days and quickly became the #1 app in the BR App Store with more than 70.000 downloads in less than a week. This seemed like the best way to bring new players to the game, so we immediately started working to release this improved version that you're able to play now. We hope that our friends worldwide can try it and have fun!

    If you have any comments, suggestions or criticisms please feel free to talk! I'm always willing to discuss the game and, since all of the updates made so far have been created with the players' suggestions in mind, you might be helping to shape the future versions.

    For more information:
    iTunes link
    Twitter (@thefishdies)
    Facebook page

    • Escape from several unique obstacles and enemies - beware of sharks!
    • Control the fish with only one touch. Anyone can play!
    • Several different power-ups to help you achieve your goal!
    • Experience a different game every time you play with randomly generated enemies!
    • Compare your scores against your friends on the Leaderboards and try to complete several Achievements with Game Center integration.
    • Share your scores with Facebook and Twitter connectivity!
    • Multiple difficulty levels.
    • Retina support.
    • Best way to kill time! (And a fish...)
    Screenshots (click to enlarge):


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