Universal [FREE] Timecrest - Choose your own adventure fantasy game [iOS9/watchOS2]

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    What would you do with the power to turn back time?

    We're proud to announce our new game, Timecrest, free on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch!

    Check out the Game Trailer on Youtube, the website and iTunes download.

    Now featured by Apple on the Apple Watch store!

    In Timecrest, you meet Ash, a young mage from the magical world of Alyncia. Ash has frantically established a connection with you as a last-ditch effort to find some way to save Alyncia from obliteration. This is when you discover that you have the power to turn back time in Alyncia, and give Ash another chance to save it from total annihilation.

    Timecrest plays out in real-time and Ash will message you throughout the day. The decisions you help Ash make will determine how everything plays out in Ash’s world. You will also meet other Alyncians along that way and must determine if they are friend or foe.

    Your choices may lead to major changes such as which friends and foes may live and die, and allow you to discover one of several endings we have written for you in Timecrest.

    Timecrest combines our favorite genres - storytelling and role-playing games.

    We’ve incorporated light role-playing elements such as the merchant and inventory systems that give you further insight and immersion into Ash’s world.

    We invite you to try it out and let us know what you think. In Timecrest, fate is in your hands.

    watchOS 2:

    • Haptic feedback with the Taptic Engine—feel powerful spells and big moments on your wrist
    • Complications–know exactly when Ash is ready to talk to you and when Ash is busy
    • Native app support–built for short sessions and fast loading times using watchOS 2 APIs

    iOS 9:

    • Fully optimized support for Slide Over and Split View on the iPad. We’ve customized special font sizes, layout and splash screens that are customized for when you are multitasking on your iPad


    static1.squarespace.png 1242x2208ss-80-2.png 1242x2208ss-80-1.png 1242x2208ss-80.png 1242x2208ss-80-3.png

    iPad Slide Over/Split View

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    Mar 17, 2015
    Enjoying the story so far. Just some feedback on the app: The persistent notifications are really annoying and unnecessary. Just the initial alert is fine. Having it go off multiple times at work (I wear the watch) or when I am at sleep has been the apps only major flaw so far.
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    Jun 22, 2007
    Thanks for your feedback, and glad you're enjoying the story! We're actually working on a revamp of our notification system for version 1.1 which will launch with iOS 9 and watchOS 2 when that is out in a few weeks. Your feedback is valuable–we've taken your input and hope you like the improved system coming in the update.
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    Jun 22, 2007
    Updated the original post with information about our worldwide launch today! Please check out our game trailer.

    In particular, based on your feedback, WordsmithMR, we've added this to our update:

    Ash, be more considerate!
    • Improved notifications–while Ash desperately needs your help, we've convinced Ash to be a little less chatty and also no longer message you late at night.

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