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    Tasks & Measures is a todo list and self-tracking combo application that lets you

    1) Track where your time is going
    2) Chart the effort you are putting into a task against the results you're getting out of it.

    For instance, marking your daily touch typing lesson (task) as complete updates the log of how much time you've spent on that activity. You can then chart that effort against your current words-typed-per-minute (measure) which you can update either each time you complete the task or as infrequently as you want.

    Features include

    - Full featured to-do list with comprehensive support for repeating tasks, task history & measurement logging (e.g. weight, bmi, etc) .
    - Integrates with HealthKit and the FITBIT® platform to help you gauge the impact of logged tasks on your overall activity level.
    - Universal support for retina / non retina, iPhone, iPhone 5, 6, 6+ and iPad screens
    - Effortlessly sync your data between all your devices via iCloud
    - Graphs and charts provide insights on where your time is going an whether you’re spending it wisely
    - Supports reminder alarms and app badging with the number current & overdue tasks
    - Efficient, modern user interface that looks and works great on iOS 6, 7, and 8

    The goal of Tasks & Measures is to help you gain insight into how your spending your time by giving you the tools personal finance apps give you to manage your money:

    - Find yourself spending a ton of time shopping for the same things? Consider home delivery or subscribing online.
    - Stuck in traffic for 100 hours a month? Maybe it makes sense to move closer to work, or buy a more efficient car, or quit your job.
    - Need to see if you really are maintaining the 4 hours a week of exercise your doctor is demanding. T&M can show you that too.

    Help and support: facebook.com/tasksandmeasures

    I'm always looking for new beta testers and feedback. Please PM me if interested.

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    Tasks & Measures 1.4 is out now!

    Tasks & Measures 1.4 is out now! If you use a FITBIT device, you can chart measures from the FITBIT platform such as steps taken or calories burned against time logged for tasks such as running, playing sports, or doing chores in order to help gauge the impact of those activities on your overall activity level.

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    Tasks & Measures 1.6 is available now!

    Tasks & Measures 1.6 is out now with a bunch of new goodies

    - HealthKit Integration! T&M will now let you chart the time your spending on your daily routine against fitness measures being tracked in the Health app

    - Ability to fully manage (add, delete, rename) categories and measures. Now you can chart hours spent gaming vs improvement in your Chuck Gnome high scores!

    - Unified the selection of tasks and categories on the reports screens. Choose from any of your hierarchically organized categories and tasks on any report that previously let you choose one or the other

    - Optimized for iPhone 6 and 6+ sizes

    - iOS 8 Support and assorted minor bug fixes

    It's still free so go ahead and grab it today!
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    Tasks & Measures 1.11 is Available Now!

    Now with

    - Two column UI on the iPad and iPhone 6+
    - Support for landscape orientations
    - Improved health and fitness unit support

    This is also our first Canadian release!

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