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    Oct 9, 2010
    Hi guys,
    We have just been release official walkthough for Rat Hunt. Let's watch now.
    Walkthrough & V:Dideo: Link here
    iTunes link: Here
    ★ AWARDS: "Play full version and get iPad 2"
    ★ Over 20,000 copies downloaded!
    ★ REVIEWS:
    "The next physics game craze on the iPhone." (9/10) - iPhone Life
    "Won't stop playing until rats can fly" - iPhone Alley
    "Anyone can pick this up and start enjoying it." - App Advice
    "A simple yet addictive gameplay merchanic." - Gamezebo
    "It's executed with a solid art style. Really liked it!" (4/5) - App Safari
    "An App Store novelty." - Slide To Play
    "Will keep casual gamer hooked." - Appyzilla

    An interesting and physics-based shooting game.
    Rats are spreading rapidly across the village.
    They appear everywhere inside the house, outside the garden, even at Christmas!
    They damage things and disturb you.
    Your mission is to destroy all evil rats using a miniature powerful cannon.
    You can also collect stars to make more points!

    10 attractive and challenging levels.
    High score record.

    Hold and drag your finger to aim and charge power, then release to shoot.
    Adjust timer for the bombs at the bottom right corner.
    The number of bombs is limited and different on each level.
    Use as few bombs as possible to gain stars on that level.
    Attention: some mice are cute and not bad. Don't hurt them or your score will be reduced.

    Try to hunt all rats and gain 3 stars on each level. You will become a super rat hunter, a hero of the village. Good luck!

    Get the full version now to experience more challenging levels.
    Available seasons in full version:
    Rat hunt in the garden!
    Rat hunt in the house!
    Rat hunt at Christmas!
    We wish you a merry Christmas!
    iTunes link: Here
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