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    Here are my top recommendations for Apps that provide a 2nd line for those that need it, be it for business or personal use, I have Bolded their main features and underlined the unique features each app offers:

    1) Convoi - Cost = $0 / Month
    - It provides you with a FREE phone # (US and Canadian #'s available)
    - Unlimited Talk + Text over Cellular Data / WiFi to US and Canada #'s.
    - Call Forwarding available
    - Conference Calling
    - Voicemail

    - What I love about this app is that you can forward the calls from your Convoi # to your primary # if needed, so doesn't matter what # people call you at when you are back home, you can still be reached and it is not limited like any other App, it is a true VoIP app and allows you to call any US/Canada # and Unlimited Texting. Been testing it out for months and used it while I was in Australia. I had forwarded my cell # to Convoi # actually so my phone rang regardless and only thing I missed out on was Text messages to my primary cell # but that is no big deal.

    2) Ring.To - Cost = $0 / Month
    - Unlimited Talk + Text over Cellular Data / WiFi to US and Canada #'s.
    (You will be required to port in a # in order to use the App, which you can easily do so from Google Voice or if you wish to port in your primary # you can do so -- Can only port in US #'s)
    - Unlimited Call and SMS / Text Forwarding to any US & Canadian #
    - Allows you port in / port out large amount of #'s if you want to for some reason keep / hold onto many #'s. (US #'s ONLY)
    - Voicemail
    - SMS Auto reply available

    3) Google hangouts/Voice - Cost = $0 / Month
    - Unlimited Talk + Text over Cellular Data / WiFi to US and Canada #'s.
    -- I find it a little bit messy app(s) to use compared to Convoi and Ring.To especially on iOS as the integration is not possible for google to make.
    - Call forwarding available
    - Voicemail w/ Transcription

    In the past I have used & tested the following VoIP solutions for extensive periods of time on my iPhone:
    Skype, Line 2, TextME, TextNow, TextPlus, FreedomPop

    However none of the apps provided all the necessary features or the call quality / notifications did not work well, or had some other issues that ruined the user experience overall.

    PS if you guys have a better suggestion for Thread Title, please let me know, Thanks.
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    Good to know. Now I can lead a second life without my spouse knowing...

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