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    Oct 13, 2012
    I guys finally I release my first game for android and ios devices FREE...
    Really is a new release because I have adjusted so much things...
    I have developed it with the help of Jon Avila...the game is simple but the work has been hard because we have developed it in only 2 person...

    I hope you enjoy our passion!




    This is the presentation of the game:

    Have you ever dreamed of being a champion? This is your chance to be! Freekick What A Goal plunges you in the engaging world of soccer stars!

    Exercise your ability to shoot free kicks with a realism never seen. But there's more: As you progress through the game you will have the opportunity to access to the use of special kicks (4 kicks of 4 great players) that will make your performance most compelling .

    How to play:
    - Turn your phone into a vertical position (up) or horizontal (minimum) to select the HEIGHT of the shot.
    - Turn your phone left or right to Chose the SPIN (a sensor at the top indicates it).
    - Swipe the finger on the ball to select the DIRECTION of the kick
    - The longer you swipe the HARDER the kick

    Game Features:
    - Tutorial mode: will explain how to play
    - Target mode: hit the target from different positions and establish new records
    - Level mode: exceed the levels beating goalkeeper and blocker men
    - Goalkeeper equipped with artificial intelligence
    - Amazing visuals and immersive sound
    - 4 shots to unlock special
    - Game modes to unlock
    - .... Fun!
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