Free Windows 7 through University?

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    Hello again MR,

    I saw a member post a link to some weird microsoft branch website in which you could see if your university/college was eligible to give students free microsoft office, windows 7, etc...

    I discovered the link in a thread sometime in July but never saved it (stupid me) Does anyone know which website it was? Kudos to whoever finds it as this is a ridiculous post I know, but I appreciate it all the same.
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    I got a free Windows 7 licence at my university's IT department.

    EDIT: Found the link to the website I used to sign up for a free licence key:
    Use the MSDN Academic Alliance School Search to find your school and see if you're eligible. If I remember correctly, you'll [might] also need to obtain an access code from your school's IT dept.

    EDIT 2: Once you obtain a licence key from Microsoft, you'll be given a link to download Windows 7 iso (I got a licence key to Windows 7 Professional version) and you should also be able to request an iso DVD from your IT dept. (again, depending on your school).
    In any case, I would try to contact your school first. It is possible that you can skip the registration with Microsoft. I got my second licence key directly from my University.
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    Apr 15, 2004
    Check with your University. Depending on which academic promotion it is, they might have to be the ones to sign you up.
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    Jul 21, 2010
    Yeah i got a few copies of windows through there, and some office extensions.

    I do highly recommend seeing if your department has CD media you can check out, because the installers from the site are .exe so you can't even download anything unless you have a windows machine accesible

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