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    Hello again MacRumors! I just wanted to let you know that World War Tanks has been released on the App Store!

    World War Tanks: WWT is not just another top down WW2 shooter game. What sets WWT apart is the attention to detail and realism that will make you feel like you’re right in the commanders seat of this incredible war machines! All 19 tanks perform with the exact characteristics they had during WW2, adding an effect no other app on the market can match. The fast paced and fun gameplay makes WWT a perfect match for hardcore gamers, war vets, and children of all ages!

    •19 different tanks from 3 different nations!

    •Fight with the modern day M1A1 Abrams!

    •3 different terrains on multiple different maps!

    •Compete in the Global Wars map!

    •Realistic gameplay and tank characteristics!

    •Incredible graphics and 3D sound effects

    •Free to play!


    Video: Still images can’t capture the true intensity of this game, please watch my promo video on YouTube to see the game in action! http://bit.ly/1fppvDp

    About Me: My name is Logan Boese and I am 17 years old, I created “Crosshair Games” at age 16 and released my first app, Super-Squares, the same year. It was a big achievement for myself as it is currently over 30,000 downloads! Glad to be a part of the GMC even though I haven't been around for a while!

    Facebook: If you want to keep up with my games or find more screenshots and info of WWT, check out Crosshair Games on Facebook. http://on.fb.me/OcZWL1

    DOWNLOAD: WWT will be released on Sunday the 6th on the IOS App store for iPhone and iPad. If you can't wait till then, here is a link for the Windows version! If you would like a promo code please ask and I may be able to hand a couple out.

    Thank you, all your support is appreciated!​
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    Hey Guys! World War Tanks has just been released on the App Store! Let me know how you like it.:)
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    Link from the app store.did a search and couldn't find it
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    cool bro, i just want to share this as well buy karma koin USD 25 and get extra gold in game

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