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Discussion in 'iPad' started by vrDrew, Mar 9, 2011.

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    A recent Computerworld story on the growing acceptance of iPads in the corporate world, and the resulting outcry from IT professionals, makes for interesting reading.

    Actually, whats MOST revealing is the naked self-interest so many of these corporate IT types have in justifying their own existence. Money quote, from an IT guy at a Canadian bank, regarding the adoption of the iPad by many of the bank's employees:

    Right. And we've ALWAYS been at war with Eastasia.
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    It's weird... It really is. I've been a Mac user all my life from system 7.5 and up. Got the first iPod, first iPhone, first iPads (Wifi and 3G) but I also got my degree in Information Systems.

    I worked for a small Windows IT company dealing with the daily problems of Windows (viruses, slowness, e-mail problems, etc) but the hardest people to help were my fellow Mac users. I had all the tools to support Windows (easy remote access, server access and a whole bunch of PC weenies) but I didn't have the tools to really help Mac users. We had a Mac mini circa 2006 and my iPad which I brought into work each day. Sometimes I'd offer to work on their problems from home with my iMac and Outlook 2011 or Citrix issues, etc.

    But this bogged me down. I came home to be on my iMac to forget all these annoying Windows based problems. I guess I'm venting more than anything else but honestly, it's tough supporting Apple products in an environment that was built with them as an after thought. However, please continue to push for Apple support. I might end up working for an Apple based company if there's enough demand.

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