Freehand on Snow Leopard server issue


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Apr 6, 2012
I need to edit old Freehand files, so in el capitan/Parallels 13 I installed Snow Leopard Server with X11 and Rosetta. It works fine but the Freehand installer is shown as exec icon. It doesn't work:

Last login: Thu Feb 28 16:45:55 on ttys000
/Users/antonio/Desktop/Installatore\ di\ FreeHand\ 10 ; exit;
studiocreativo:~ antonio$ /Users/antonio/Desktop/Installatore\ di\ FreeHand\ 10 ; exit;
-bash: /Users/antonio/Desktop/Installatore di FreeHand 10: cannot execute binary file

[Process completed]

Have you idea about what to check to fix it?


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Aug 27, 2015
on the land line mr. smith.
Wow...Freehand. Have not seen that since the 1990s!

Files that show as exec could be caused by not having an app installed that is compatible with those files, or the files not having a valid file extension, or both.

Any chance the installer extension is not correct? These days most installers are .pkg files, but there could be others.

If you do a Get Info, what is the file extension now? That may give a clue...

You might try changing the file extension from .exec to .pkg, if you are sure it is an installer. Depending on the vintage of the installer....could be an older, unsupported, third party file extension.