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Discussion in 'iOS 9' started by s8film40, Sep 19, 2016.

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    Hi, I'm having a hard time searching for a solution to this as everything I pull up simply refers to optimizing the photo library or the iCloud account in general. I have a very large photo library, I have it selected to optimize storage. However whenever I free up space on my phone it seems like the photo library will take advantage of this and grow. I freed up about 40gb on my phone a few days ago and my photo library grew by about 20gb's. Does any one know how I can keep the photo library from I assume downloading photos to my phone and simply keep them optimized?
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    You can compress most of the photos you don't need hi res versions of with a photo compression app. It can make a typical 3MB file only take 1/2 the size and still look fine, or a lot more if you don't mind a little degradation.

    Here's one app:

    Photo Compress - Reduce image size, shrink pictures & entire albums to save memory space by Martin Brachmann
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    The problem for me isn't the size of the photos but how much space iCloud chooses to take up for my photo library. I have over 60,000 photos and my photo library is over 300GB. Even if I cut that in half it could still easily fill the remaining space.

    Additionally I tried turning off iCloud photo, this freed up the space initially, but when I turned it back on within about a day it slowly grew to about 20GB short of my capacity.
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    From other people's tests posted here, Optimize should reduce your library on your iPhone to roughly 2.5% of its original size. In your case, 7.5 GB. But that's assuming you're not viewing them routinely at full size, editing, or sharing them; all of which forces the full size version to download.

    Where are you seeing the storage use? On your phone, or in desktop iTunes?
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    I'm looking at the size of the photo library on my phone. After turning it off and then back on again it was around 12 GB. I then let it go for a couple of days and did not access the photos or share any or anything and it grew to about 40 GB.
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    If the space isn't needed by anything else you'll probably find iOS will decide to use it for your photos as unused space is wasted space :)
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    I use amazon photos or google photos. Amazon for daily use and google for long term backup. Amazon works perfectly. The app is quick and easy. I backed up to both initially and a hard drive then erased all the photos in iCloud. Saved me 30 gigabytes. I can actually get by with a 32gb phone now. Eyeballing a 32gb matte black right now, what a bargain :)
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    Yeah, this is my problem I need to keep the space free to be able to use it. I use my phone as a second camera for some video projects and need to be able to use about 50gb of space.

    For now I've just disabled iCloud Photos, which is a shame I like the functionality. I'm planning to get an iPhone 7 so I guess I'll just wait till then to re-enable it.

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