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    I had a related but seperate issue that I contacted Apple about and the Technician referred me to the site below. This is a really small (freeware) application that, when combined with the Lion installation file you download from the Apple Aps Store, will create a fully functional bootable Lion installation disk on either a USB drive or a burned disk (your choice). I downloaded it and tested it. It works great.

    If you go to the Ap store and re-download a copy of the Lion Install file (which you must do to make this ap work) stop the Lion installation after the install file is dropped into your applications file (again, stop the installation after the download) and move a copy of it into any other folder along with this really cool (and free) application - then run the application. It will use that copy of the Lion installation ap to create a BOOTABLE LION INSTALLATION DISK on either a USB drive or a burned disk. I tried it. IT WORKED GREAT!!! I tested the new install disk and it is both bootable and works great. It is almost identical in use as the old Snow Leopard bootable install disk. I created mine on a USB drive. The site for the download is:

    Again, it is free. It is also remarkably small in file size. But you will need to download another copy of the Lion installer from the Ap store and place it in a file folder of it's own with Diskmaker.
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    Or you could just use the tool provided by Apple that basically does the same thing.

    P.S. the tool is an app.
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    Actually, yes and no. The tool provided by Apple does create a bootable drive but there is no copy of the Lion OS on the drive to re-install. It still must be either downloaded or you must use Time Machine backups to reinstall the OS. If you want a fresh copy of the OS (factory new) The one created by Lion DiskMaker is identical in content and use as the old Snow Leopard install disk you would purchase through a retail outlet. There is a fully functional and usable copy of the install file built in. You do not need to download it via the web. While downloading it is not a problem for many people who have adequate internet service - there are those of us who travel for a living in foreign countries (I work in Kabul Afghanistan currently) that only have barely usable internet speeds. Downloading and reinstalling Lion from the Apple servers takes over 5 hours here. An actual installation disk is essential in case of an emergency.

    I only called it a "tool" because that is what Apple named it. (wink)
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    You can use the Lion Installer downloaded file to create a bootable USB with "Disk Utility". Step by step:
    - Step 1: Secondary click on the Lion Installer file which was downloaded from Apple Store then choose "Show packages content". Look for the InstallESD.dmg file.
    - Step 2: Copy the InstallESD.dmg file to a folder on your start-up HD. I mean the partition of your current Mac OS.
    - Step 3: Open "Disk Utility" and choose Restore tab. Drag the InstallESD.dmg file into "Source". And drag External drive's partition (which you want to use) or USB into "Destination". At last, Click on "Restore".
    - Step 4: You would want to take a huge breath for a mount of waiting time. It must be about 10 minutes. Enjoy..!
    Say goodbye to the CD maker...
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    Yeah it's pretty easy, i used this tutorial to create a bootable disk, you can even create a bootable usb Lion disk.

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