Freezing Screen on iPhone 4

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by adm531, Jul 1, 2010.

  1. adm531 macrumors member

    Jun 2, 2009
    Does anyone else have this problem where suddenly the screen just does not register any touch? I find this happens on the lock screen occasionally, when i try and slide to unlock, nothing happens, its like the screen is not detecting any actions. I usually end up having to hold both power/home buttons until the phone restarts because even the 'slide to power off' won't work
  2. Aschlueter macrumors newbie

    Jul 1, 2010
    Yes ... Same problem here!

    I don't have a solution, but my iPhone 4 32gb freezes about 5 to 8 times a day, usually when I put it in my pocket and walk around or in the sleeve of my bag. I am wondering if this happened after I decided to restore my iPod touch,updated to iOS4 already into my iPhone 4. I don't have an app running when it happens to my knowlegde, pehaps the background App feature just runs out of memory on something. I need do get some diagnostics, it just seems like a hard ware issue. I wonder if the two cameras are freaking out when something surround them, if it's getting too hot and shuts itself down?
  3. SteinMaster macrumors 6502


    Feb 28, 2009
    My iPhone 4 is doing the same. I am traveling in Vietnam right now and my phone did this three times yesterday. I took photos, put it to sleep, then put it in my pocket. When I took it out to use it again, it was frozen. No response. The screen was blank and I could not get it to wake. The battery was fully charged. I had to re-boot it each time to get it to work. I thought maybe the heat and humidity (being in my pocket) was affecting it. I am going to return it if this continues to be a problem. Anyone else having similar issues?
  4. Blaenk macrumors member

    Feb 2, 2009
    This has happened to me at least twice, a few days after having gotten it, but not anymore recently, worried me at first but since it hasn't happened anymore, don't know what to think.
  5. rans0m00 macrumors 6502

    Jun 21, 2010
    Happens to me about once every other day... Happens to me when I am trying to close the apps running in the background/bar... If I go slowly its just fine but if I attempt to close fast half of the time it will lock for about 10-15 seconds... Who knows figures it was an app issue but no proof either way.
  6. uiop. macrumors 68020


    Jul 22, 2008
    Grand Rapids, MI
    This happened on my 3GS sometimes. It'd just come and go. One day I could barely use the damn thing and the next it would be back to normal. Who knows.
  7. dontworry macrumors 6502


    Mar 18, 2010
    Mine froze tonight while trying to view an Albert pujols ad in a flaslight app. Acted crazy for a few seconds. Restarted it and seems fine now.

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