French bull dogs - anyone here have'em

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by RenoG, May 7, 2013.

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    Oct 7, 2010
    I am a dog lover as I grew up with dogs however my family, wife and two daughters (10 and 14) have not. Well my girls love dogs to death and I would love to get myself and the girls one. My favorite breed is the bully type.
    The English Bull dog was at the top of my list until I did some research on them and found them to be very high in health cost even with strong healthy blood lines.

    Next up is the French Bull dog, now I hear they too have simular health issues (respiratory) due to their flat face but not the other issues to the extent of the english bull dog. So I wish to get some real daily life experiences from folks who actually have these dogs.

    Do they actually require a lot of $$$VET visits$$$ like the english bulldogs?

    If you got your dog from a reputable breeder how has life been them health wise, does this cut out a good portion of known problems this breed tend to have, hence cutting down the vet bills/visits ?

    I know the dogs temperment, I've researched the breed and know what they can and cannot do. I'm just trying to get a balanced view of what to expect health wise in real life as this is my biggest concern with any dog I bring into the house.

    I guess after this dog, the next one on my list is the Boston Terrier.

    Thanks in advance guys.
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    If you want less vet bills, get a crossbred from a rescue shelter. They have less to no consanguinity-derived problems (as opposed to inherently consanguine(sp?) breeds) and they will love you and your kids just the same as any "name brand" breed (or maybe even more, if you're the one who gets them out of the shelter, they will be thankful forever). Plus, at the rescue they can tell you which one has a better character for kids since they've had more contact with them than if they had been just in a store.
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    Jul 8, 2011
    I currently own a bully and have had a french bully which has since passed due to age. All the dogs you are looking at are going to require vet visit some more than others. My english bully cost us around $3000/year in vet bills. This is just due to their body structure. He has had multiple operations due to issues (cherry eye and wrinkles remove from his face. He had to many and it was cause for infections. Since solved.). But I would never give up on him. He is very adored by our family. My french bully was expensive as well but not as much as english bully. Due to their body structure they are going to require maintenance and unless you keep up with it, it will be extremely costly.

    You may want to consider a pug. I have one of them currently and he has been real low maintenance. But they still have similar features in face as bullies. Just longer fur and curled tail. Extremely good temperment and very playful. Real good lap dog. Great with children too.

    Just remember that any dog with a pushed in face will require regular maintenance by you and even then sometimes it is not enough.

    This is my experience with dogs of this type and I am in no way trying to tell you to avoid any one of them. They are all fantastic dogs and I will continue to own them. I just spend a couple of hours a week keeping them maintained. Well worth the time.

    My pug and bully.

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    Oct 7, 2010
    I have no real issues with rescuing a dog because I'm aware that there are many good dogs there that will more than likely be put down absolutely, so I totally subscribe to that idea. No I'm not a designer dog lover one bit as I can care less, I am though a bully breed lover and those dogs happen to be on the more popular end of the dog spectrum right now. Personally at this time I prefer go through a breeder (not a puppy mill) for a great many of reasons. Thanks for the perspective though.


    Your dogs are awesome, thanks for the insight and the reality of the dogs in question based on your personal experience its very helpful. I do expect some vet bills (not an issue) because I will surely care for them like I would any loved animal I wish to keep healthy in my family. I must be realistic though since I'm serious about this, all in an effort to be sure the dogs I'm looking at is truely right for my family. So again thank you all
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    Jul 8, 2011
    I back the idea of rescue dogs myself. When I retire in a few years, my wife and I will be opening a dog rescue ourselves. It will be mainly for bullies and bull terriers, but we won't refuse any dog. Our bully is a rescue. His mother was hit by a car and passed. He was rescued by cesarean along with his sister, and then rescued by us. Puppy mills should be outlawed. We have several rescue dogs in our immediate area and they are all great dogs to be around. And a big majority of them are designer dogs. Good luck with your search for a dog, and remember all they ask for is a little attention in return for their love of you.
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    Feb 26, 2011
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    Only problem is they only eat escargot and boef bourguignon. French Dog Joke.:eek:
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    Please consider getting a rescue dog.

    Why pay mega-£££ when you can spend very little (and very little in vet bills...) for an animal that will love you even more?

    There are too many unwanted dogs...
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    I had a great French Bulldog that I had to put down earlier this year. She was nine.

    The vet bills over the last five years of her life were enormous. She developed lymphangiectasia, and that was after chronic skin problems.

    What a fantastic breed! Great temperament, funny, loving, like a living cartoon character. Just so heartbreaking to see her suffer.

    Do your homework and make sure there are no health problems in the parents.

    I've had a couple of Boston Terriers. They are great too. Fewer health problems. Both are great choices.

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