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    Hi, I'm hoping someone else has encountered this same issue and can help ease my mind. I have been checking the frequent locations on my husbands phone. There are a few times where he just seems MIA for a couple of hours when he should have been at work. During these times there isn't record of him being anywhere else. Anytime we even just go to dinner it seems to know where we have been, so why are only these times not recorded? Could it be because of spotty service? I confronted him about it and he claims he was working all of these times obviously. He even let me go into work with him and check the cameras(he's the manager)... there he is working during those times. Well 2 of about 4 times, after that I stopped looking. But part of me is still doubtful and its killing me. I feel like a crazy person. There have been other things that have made me suspicious of cheating, which is why I was snooping in his phone in the first place. After seeing the cameras, I'm trying to add up all of the other things that made me feel unsettled. But he works all the time and the only real opportunity he would have to see someone else would be during these times. Thoughts? Help!
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    Whether your husband is cheating on you or not, there is clearly a break down of trust in your relationship. It might be worth talking this out with a therapist.
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    Rather than spying on him (which is a breach of trust), you should confront him with your suspicions, and discuss this in an open and respectful manner. Going through his phone does nothing to improve mutual trust.

    Without trust, you don't have a relationship worth saving.
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    That's exactly what I did. Thanks for reading though.
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    And he has a history so I know all about breech of trust...

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