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Discussion in 'OS X Yosemite (10.10)' started by colonel179, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. colonel179 macrumors member

    Jun 10, 2014
    Hello, I am very sorry for the stupid question, but is there a way to hide/disable the frequently visited sites whenever you press command+L or click the address bar?

    I like that it shows the favorite bookmarks, but I hate the recently visited. I disable that thing across the entire OS for files, and obviously I want to get rid of them in safari.

    Does anyone know? or maybe via Terminal?

    Thank you very much!!
  2. The19th macrumors regular

    Jul 24, 2014
    I believe it's under Safari Preferences -> Search -> Smart Search Field -> uncheck the "Show Favorites" option.
  3. colonel179 thread starter macrumors member

    Jun 10, 2014
    Thank you very very much!! It did remove them!
  4. The19th macrumors regular

    Jul 24, 2014
    The option prevents the recently visited sites from showing (which you didn't like) but it also stops the favorites from showing (which you liked). Maybe sending feedback to split the option into two checkmarks?
  5. Nermal Moderator


    Staff Member

    Dec 7, 2002
    New Zealand
    If you like, you can turn on a separate favourites bar from the View menu; this is like the bookmark bar in previous versions.
  6. airlied macrumors 6502


    Jul 8, 2011
    I think this is really stupid and I just don't believe that such a dumb design is done by apple. Since Web browser is a quite private thing, there should be a way to turn off most visited sites from appearing right away under the address bar with so huge icons. if someone really want to see your history at least he had to open history panel to check it, now people just sit besides you and seeing what you most visited.

    There is a way to turn it off but it also turns off the bookmarks, which is a pain. and the worse is, you cannot even disable it on iOS8.

    Come on apple.
  7. beyond macrumors member


    Jun 17, 2009
    You been watching them sexy ladies have ya!?
  8. airlied macrumors 6502


    Jul 8, 2011
  9. cycledance Suspended

    Oct 15, 2010
    "add to reading list" actually adds/disables "add bookmarks", "add to reading list", "add to shared links" without any explanation.
    editing bookmarks is a serious hassle.
    adding rss to shared links is ridiculous and the implementation amateurish.

    i switched to safari day 1! downloading chrome as i type...

    yosemite is full with stupid design choices. i have a mac and will continue to buy them but apple as a brand doesn´t mean anything to me anymore. it's just a tech company now that is flawed like all the others.
  10. NoBoMac macrumors 68000

    Jul 1, 2014
    How I worked around this:

    Set my home page as "about:blank" (it's always been that).
    Set "New Windows" "New Tabs" to open with homepage.
    Safari > View > Show Favorites Bar


    And won't get the drop down of frequent sites when typing in the address bar/box.
  11. cocky jeremy macrumors 68040

    cocky jeremy

    Jul 12, 2008
    Columbus, OH
    Is there anyway to just modify them? I like having them there, but I'd prefer it to be a "quick launch" to my favorite sites without needing the bookmark bar. :confused:
  12. WANGOOROO macrumors newbie

    Aug 28, 2009
    How to remove frequently visited sites...

    I believe this is quite simple. Just click and drag the icon for the frequently visited site off the drop down panel. I dragged several sites off and dropped to the trash and these sites have not reappeared on the frequently visited sites panel.
  13. Mr Lizard macrumors member

    Mr Lizard

    Jan 26, 2006
    London, UK
    For Safari on OS X Yosemite, drag the icons off the Favorites sheet

    For Safari on iOS 8, tap and hold the icons and tap delete.
  14. sherlockaled macrumors member

    Jul 23, 2010
    Berkeley, CA, USA
    Well mate that's not permanent.
  15. Graig macrumors 6502


    Aug 23, 2009
    Vancouver, BC
    This is not the only dumb choice Apple has made in Yosemite and is why I have returned to Mavericks until the dumbed down options are made right.
  16. WordLyfe macrumors newbie

    May 2, 2015
    New York, NY
    Oh, but they will.
  17. LV426 macrumors 6502a

    Jan 22, 2013
    iOS does it properly. There's a setting for it:

    Settings | Safari | General | Frequently Visited Sites

    There doesn't seem to be a similar setting in El Capitan. This clearly has privacy implications. There should be a setting for it.
  18. NonComm macrumors newbie

    Oct 18, 2015
    There is a somewhat hidden setting for "Show frequently visited sites" in El Capitan. You just have to right-click (option-click) anywhere in Favourites tab:
    Easy enough. Though it is currently unknown to me whether it just disables showing freqeuntly visited or if it does disable storing frequently visited sites.
  19. LV426 macrumors 6502a

    Jan 22, 2013
    Thanks. I'll give that a go.

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